Business Class Residential Complex

A multi-storey residential complex featuring its own infrastructure is located in the very heart of the downtown in the southern capital of Kazakhstan


Business Class Residential Complex

A ЕСOLIFESTYLE residential complex is located in a prestigious area of the city

  • Modern playgrounds
  • Sports grounds: tennis, basketball and futsal.
  • Leisure areas
  • Two-level underground parking


Business Class Residential Complex

A residential complex that combines grace and philosophy of the Ancient East with modern design and construction technologies

  • Playgrounds
  • Sports grounds
  • Parking


Business Class Residential Complex

4-section modern industrial residential complex

  • Own infrastructure
  • Parking


Business Class Residential Complex

An elegant and comfortable residential complex featuring original landscape design is located at the foot of the picturesque Kok-Tobe Mountain


Business Class Residential Complex

A holder of the Choice of the Year Award in Kazakhstan as the Best Comfort Class Residential Complex

  • 18-storey buildings equipped with Sigma noiseless high-speed elevators
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports grounds
  • Parking


Multi-Storey Residential Complex

in Almaty

Four economy class buildings featuring on-site utility networks are built at the commission of Almaty Directorate for Comfortable and Urban Environment.


Multi-Storey Residential Complex

Three economy class buildings featuring on-site utility networks are built on commission


Multi-Storey Residential Complex

Seven 9-storey convenient and functional buildings form a comfortable residential housing characterized by an innovative Japanese facade

Multi-Storey Residential Complex

A modern economy class residential development offering affordable housing in a picturesque area of the city

Tashkent Metallurgical Plant

Design and future construction of a new generation (Greenfield) plant to produce cold-rolled products with protective coatings.

  • The Plant is of high strategic importance for the region to increase its industrial potential
  • Design capacity – 500 thousand tons of steel products per year
McDonald’s Food Factory
  • High, specific construction standards, sterile finishing materials
  • Cooling rooms and logistics solutions
  • All peculiarities of food production sites (rodent protection systems, etc.) are taken into account
BELBASAR Multi-Sports Complex
  • Gym
  • Fighting arena
  • Futsal hall with stands
  • Full adaptation for disabled people

University of Central Asia

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan

  • Capacity – 1,200 students
  • Classrooms, laboratories
  • Canteen
  • Student dormitory
  • Sports facilities
ZAMAN General Academic School
Kazakh general academic school for 590 students in Nauryzbay District
“W” Club-Type Residential Complex

A club-type residential complex comprising 3 low-rise buildings is located in ecologically clean foothill area of the city